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But he said condoms sometimes break, and people sometimes neglect them in the heat of the moment.Pr EP has the potential to advance what activists call “getting to zero” — eliminating the transmission of HIV, said Carl Sciortino, executive director of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.Nearly everyone in Massachusetts has health insurance that covers it, but many have plans with high deductibles, leaving them with significant out-of-pocket costs for the drugs and the testing.

And many states with higher rates of HIV transmission have fewer people taking Pr EP. One obstacle is that Pr EP, which is made of two drugs that treat HIV, is familiar primarily to specialists treating patients who are already infected, instead of people at risk.

Nistler, a pharmaceutical researcher and a gay man, has been taking Pr EP for four years, and said it changed his life.

“Ever since I first came out, the general consensus, the general idea, is that sex is very dangerous,” he said.

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