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He reported his discovery to his boss, who consulted with a superior and fired Pacenza the next day. Pacenza says he would have understood if IBM had disciplined him for taking an unauthorized break, but firing him was far in excess of any punishment deserved.

He argues that other IBM workers with worse offenses have been disciplined less severely — including a couple who had sex on a desk and were transferred rather than sacked.

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Pacenza said he was called away before he got involved in any online conversation.

But he apparently did not log off, and when another worker went to Pacenza's station, he saw some chat entries, including a vulgar reference to a sexual act.

Check out highlights below, or catch the whole chat transcript here.It also claims Pacenza was told he could lose his job after an incident four months earlier, which Pacenza denies."Plaintiff was discharged by IBM because he visited an Internet chat room for a sexual experience during work after he had been previously warned," the company said.Diederich says IBM workers who have drug or alcohol problems are taken into programs to help them, and Pacenza should have been offered the same.Instead, he said, Pacenza was told there were no programs for sex addiction or other psychological illnesses. He also says age discrimination contributed to IBM's actions.


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