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While Lauteria’s essay shares concerns in common with Zach Saltz’s essay, which explores the legal battles and regulations surrounding the use and depiction of sexual content in video games, perhaps placing Lauteria’s essay in Part 2 instead might have served better.Admittedly, it may be that reading Lauteria’s essay sandwiched between these others may have simply rubbed me the wrong way, and using it as a conceptual bridge seems more logical to me.Ultimately, however, Glassie concedes that [b]y creating a species whose sex and sexuality collapse the heterosexual binary, despite those same characters being portrayed within the sphere of conventional gender markings and language of the heterosexual dichotomy, Bio Ware developers are pressing at the boundaries of their own industry and the heteronormative foundation of traditional science fiction.(170) Part 3 explores design and content potential and revisions for sex in games.Pozo focuses on the detournement of games, “playful repurposing of existing cultural artifacts rather than designing dubiously disruptive new ones” (141), arguing that “[i]n the rush to ensure video games’ feminist future, we must not lose the value of pornography as a critical strategy” (143).Summer Glassie’s essay, which concludes Part 2 and offers a useful conceptual bridge to Part 3, is a close reading of sexual content in Bioware’s Mass Effect games, and the often contradictory and inconsistent portrayals of Asari biology and culture that Glassie argues undermine the effort.

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Categorically, these essays are linked in that they all explore censorship; conceptually, however, they differ drastically.

Contributions to this 2015 collection from game and media scholars frame the historical and current ways sex and sexuality have been deployed and experienced in video games, and even suggest potential designs.

The essays demonstrate that further research on these topics require and would reward further inquiry, especially since the book itself warrants a place on the reading list of any serious games scholar.

His work explores how gay males construct and embody identities in the domains of online gaming, online dating and social networking.

Over the past few years, games have begun to feature sexual content that is increasingly nuanced, and which moves away from the conspicuous treatments that have fueled political outcries in the past.


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