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If you’ve already committed to running by plunking down 0 for top-of-the-line trainers, then the extra .99 for this app is a no-brainer. *Run Social Best "Get Off the Couch" Apps: Run Social ( Free with in-app purchases (.99–.99); i OS only Nothing spells the end of a dedicated cardio routine like solitary confinement on the same old treadmill at your gym. Run Social, a specialized i OS app (it's best on an i Pad) that displays routes from around the world and syncs your position on the route according to how far you've run on the treadmill.

The HD graphics are terrific, and pairing the app with Run Social's Tread Tracker speed sensor (9.99) via Bluetooth will ensure an accurate portrayal of your progress on the routes.

(You can control whether the sounds play in the background from settings, although there’s no way to pause them.) There’s also a suite of guided meditations, if you’re into that sort of thing. The next time you need a mental and aural break from your office cubicle farm, punch up—research says even a 40-second nature break can improve your focus and accuracy during tedious, repetitive work.

*Relax Melodies Best Apps for De-Stressing: Relax Melodies ( Free; Android, i OS, and Windows Phone By far the most popular and highly-rated of the stress-release apps on the market, Relax Melodies boasts an array of white noise-inspired loops, which you can then mix with other loops or pair with songs on your device.

(You’ll need to upgrade to the paid version to go ad-free and play the sounds in the background.) *Rock My Run Best Music Apps for Working Out: Rock My Run ( Free or “Rockstar” (from .99 per month); Android and i OS Rock My Run is solid choice for streaming upbeat music to accompany your workout, with mixes from celebrity DJs and artists like Zedd, Afrojack, and David Guetta.

But what really sets this app apart is the paid (and ad-free) “Rockstar” membership, which unlocks the my Beat syncing technology.

Veteran gym rats and newbie lifters alike can all take advantage of our newly updated 21-Day Shred app.

Jefit also packs the most robust library of exercises and maneuvers (including how-to videos), with over 1,300 exercises making up some 60 native workouts and over 2,000 community-created routines.The app is free, but you'll have to pay to access specialized routes like Tuscany, Tibet, Sequoia National Park, Death Valley, and even the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon.*Calm Best Apps for De-Stressing: Calm ( Free; Android and i OS As an app, it’s fairly straightforward: a selection of soothing natural sounds like mountain lakes, babbling brooks, and crashing waves.Unlike other fitness apps that randomly generate routines, the 21-Day Shred explains the field-tested rationale for each workout plan—and backs it up with a comprehensive diet routine to make sure you’re eating the right fuel for the body you want.*Sworkit Best Comprehensive Trainers: Sworkit ( Lite (free) and Pro (.99); Android and i OS; compatible with Apple Watch Sworkit—a portmanteau of “Simply WORK IT”—takes a holistic approach to strength workouts without any equipment, and includes a custom workout builder designed for veteran athletes and fitness professionals to create and share custom routines (appropriately nicknamed “playlists”) from the app’s library of 170 exercises.A note about methodology: When ranking these apps, we took into account a 2015 study from health researchers at the University of Florida, which compared free (and only free) fitness apps against exercise recommendations from Applause, an app analytics company that crawls ratings and reviews in the App Store.


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