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This means absorption of radioactive carbon by living things has not been the same throughout history, which means Carbon 14 decay dating methods cannot be relied on for accurate dates. For a creation perspective on dinosaurs see the Creation Research DVDs: Jehovah’s Park: The monsters God made, and Dinosaurs: The rest of the tail These available from the Creation Research webshop. If so, consider making a donation so we can keep adding more answers. Whilst it is so casually overlooked these days, the first inventor of the Carbon 14 method Willard Libby is definitely on record that the thing surprised him most, was that he didn’t have any written records to compare his Carbon 14 method against that was older than 5,000 years.

(Science, March 3, 1961, p.624) A good reason that there were no written records prior to 5,000 years ago is that the whole world was in liquidation i.e.

inundated by Noahs Flood, which would also mean that the entire planet had been changed, and the Carbon 14 method is one dramatic loser as a result.

In the beginning the God created the world very good.

Adam and Eve would have been protected from every source of producing radioactive carbon.

Remember they had no clothes on, the environment was one of created perfection, and the atmosphere had been deliberately designed by God to ensure man’s health and long life.


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