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The metal plate 52 is affixed to the heel portion of the shoe, as described hereafter. 9-12 the shoe hitch 34 preferably comprises a pair of steel bolts, each bolt 51 having an enlarged preferably rounded head 48 relative to its shank 50.Enlarged bolt head 48 has a diameter less than the width of the recess 32.Interesting stage design, lighting, fog generators, laser light shows, and large video screens all enhance the appealability of live and recorded performances. However, to the best of our knowledge and belief the prior art does not disclose or suggest the specialized footwear permitting an entertainer to freely move about a stage, while at the same time, enabling engagement with a movable hitch or post, projectable through the stage floor, to enable the illusion to be performed.Many popular music and dance entertainers expend great efforts in enhancing and choreographing their performances and dancing. The present invention overcomes the above noted deficiencies of the previously employed cable system by providing specialized footwear and a moveable hitch or post to which the specialized footwear can be detachably engaged to allow the footwear wearer to lean forward on the stage, with his or her center of gravity well beyond the front of the shoes, thereby creating the desired visual effect.If you’ve used Apple services on your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or Mac, check to see if you already have an Apple ID.A system for allowing a shoe wearer to lean forwardly beyond his center of gravity by virtue of wearing a specially designed pair of shoes which will engage with a hitch member movably projectable through a stage surface.a shoe of the invention with its fastening straps opened; FIG. 8 is an exploded bottom view of the heel of the shoe; FIG.

You can sign in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and password.A V-shaped guide 40 is located below recess 32, with the mouth of the V located at the leading edge 42 of the heel 30. The front of the V-shaped guide 40 lies flush with the leading edge 42 of the heel 30.Edges 44, forming the V-shaped guide 40 terminate rearwardly of leading edge 42 at a terminal end point 46.12 is a perspective view of the hitch carrying plate of FIG.11 and a stage engagement mechanism to secure the plate against the underside of the stage surface; FIG.However, since this requires stagehands to connect and then disconnect the cables, it has not been possible to use this system in live performances. The first engagement means is engageable with the said second engagement means when said second engagement means is in the first stable protruding position.


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