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Some abusers pretend to be a boy or a girl around your age and claim their webcam is broken so you can’t see them. Just because you think you have seen someone on webcam doesn’t mean it is really them!

It is against the law for an adult to engage in sexual activities with a minor who has not reached the age of sexual consent (this age may vary from country to country).

People who abuse try to control young people by flattering them and giving them lots of attention.

If you don’t do what they want, they take the flattering and attention away or suddenly become very nasty.

It is against the law for an adult to engage with any child who has not reached the legal age for sexual activities. Some abusers will tell you that other young people are sending such photos as well./p Did you meet in an online public place like a game or a chatroom?

Have they asked to add you on Facebook, BBM, Whats App or anything which allows private chat?

Yep, the staff at chat-avenue had hacked my e-mail.

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If you send sexual photos of yourself to someone online or do embarrassing things in front of a webcam that may be recording without your knowledge, you run the risk of those images being shared anywhere and with anyone. Does this person share all of your interests and give you lots of attention? Does this person say that you are pretty, fit or sexy, and praises your profile pictures?

Let them know that they can come to you without fear of reprisal, and that you have a genuine interest in their safety and online activities.

Those exploited through these crimes are victims, no matter what they did or how they responded to the threat.

Could this person use this material to take advantage of me in any way?

It is perfectly fine to say NO in such circumstances.


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