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A kidney biopsy a few years later diagnosed me with FSGS.

This really didn’t worry me too much at the time, that’s not the kind of person I am. Throughout the years, I’ve managed to keep it under control through healthy eating and managing my blood pressure.

Atleast, I now had the answers as to why I had been so sick.Every time I ate I felt sick and was not eating enough which resulted in weight loss.I was suffering from such extreme fatigue that I had a very hard time doing normal everyday activities.Hanging on…I know my kidneys will not last forever but I am thankful they have held on so far. My creatinine is .07 and I am off blood pressure meds for the first time in 22 years! It all started in the beginning of 2005 when I started feeling much more tired than usual.What the future holds I’m not sure but I will fight to the end. I went to my doctor and was treated for mild anemia.Update on Heather I was diagnosed with FSGS at age 19. I was able to stay off dialysis for 22 years by eating healthy and by keeping my blood pressure under control. He put me on iron pills for three months with no follow up needed.


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