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From the studio that brought you the blockbuster Game of the Year titles Homeworld and Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War comes the next revolution in action strategy.

Company of Heroes is a WWII real-time strategy game that brings to life the journey of the brave men of Able Company as they fight across Europe in the greatest war mankind has ever known.

Destroy anything and re-shape the battlefield in your image!

Use buildings and terrain to your advantage or deny them to the enemy.

Special thanks to Spielführer, olhausen & Hary PL for leading betatesting and open beta forum moderation INSTALLER: £û©™ for his superb Installer CO-MODDING: Hello everyone! We are trying to bring Blitzkrieg Mod on steam, via current Greenlight program.

For that, we need enough votes from the public - for example, you that are currently reading this message!

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NEW MODELS: Thanks to the persons who made the new models possible: Aidas2, Pojarsma, Reichsbahn, Slayerknecht, Georider, Loran Korn (RIP), Mr Scruff (RIP), Sweeten SOUNDS: Gamerisin & Lorankorn for the used new Sounds AI CONDING: Mettiu for his superb work in AI-enhancing BUG HUNTING & FIXING: isiar for in-depth work in finding & fixing bugs with Corsix TRANSLATIONS: SHADOW & Wolverine2108: (english), Ogon & The Dzierzan PL (polish), Ext3ermin4tor & crimax77 (italian), Ursidey (french), blackbishop (spanish), Maeglin (czech), saukopf (chinese), 531st & Idalgos (russian) BETATESTER: Also thanks to all active internal Betatesters that have spent a lot of time in finding and reporting Bugs: SHADOW, Ruhrpottpatriot, Kr0no Z, Ivelios, Lordhelmlein, Muad'Dib, Mystic-Car, Chrome, Gambit, Keeper, d0n Carlos, Mr. .de, Smallz, Shogi, Spielführer, Grüne Teufel, Frehelias, Nobbio, Tinamu, Vega1707, WARTHOG, Rhel, Boogey Man, olhausen, Hary PL, Tinamu, Twitchy, panzerblitz1 and all others I forgot to mention here...

"Všechno, co se dělá poprvé, je nebezpečné," říká s úsměvem Leonov a dodává, že dodnes neexistuje možnost, jak vyzkoušet vesmírný oblek už na zemi. Nikdo nevěděl, jak to dopadne, nikdo mi nemohl poradit," říká.

"Předpokládalo se, že kdyby skutečně došlo k obrovské deformaci, tak budu řešit tuto situaci snížením tlaku. Ale porušil jsem regule, protože jsem to nehlásil na Zemi.

You have to think of more than just your sorry butt.

You have the lives of a whole company in your hands, their actions, and responses.


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