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She currently serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of America. CR: That's an interesting question because I'm a very private person.

She has been involved in a number of humanitarian pursuits, most notably with PEPFAR (The President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief) and in creating and serving on the board of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. But I felt that if I wrote this book, I had to be willing at least to talk about some of my struggles, whether in my personal life, health crises, or the deaths of my parents, because there can too easily be a perception of me that my life just went from A to Z uninterrupted, without any ups and downs, and that's not a fair representation. " CR: I believe that Reverend Thompson's hit on something.

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She had always been actively involved in politics and had served as the National Security Advisor before being selected the Secretary of State.

Anyway, you can get the Condoleeza scoop on The Gist, The Raw Story, Queerty, and probably fourscore and seven other sites.

What’s your take: Is this pretty convincing evidence that Rice is gay? Would you purchase property with Randy Dean, er, Bean?

From January 2005 to 2009, she served as the 66th secretary of state of the United States.

Before serving as America's chief diplomat, she served as assistant to the president for national security affairs (national security advisor) from January 2001 to 2005.


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