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Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48, is said to be worth £35 million.

Designer Kelly Hoppen, one of the UK's top celebrity sellers, says: 'Until people shop on the channel, their perception of QVC is very different.' Hoppen, by the way, makes a staggering £4 million a year out of selling ceramic Buddhas and tasteful neutral duvet covers.

Filming for her latest movie, walking the red carpet and jetting between homes in New York and Bermuda … But her latest business venture is rather less typical of an Oscar-winning Hollywood star.

WHAT SHE'S WORTH: Veteran singer Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, 68, lives in Little Venice, London, and is said to be worth £22 million.

An investigation by Forbes magazine suggested she personally made £184 million in total, once retail costs were accounted for and QVC had taken its very substantial cut. The company has global sales of around £5.9 billion a year.

In the UK, QVC broadcasts for 17 hours a day and is said to be watched in 15.4 million homes.

Launched in 2007, it sold out within 15 minutes of her debut on the channel.

It was even reported that a lorry carrying her creams was raided at a motorway service station.


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