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" And from this frequent response Indiana became the "Who's yere" or Hoosier state.

Below are a few examples of "how" it may have come into usage. :-) When a visitor hailed a pioneer cabin in Indiana or knocked upon its door, the settler would respond, "Who's yere?

That's what makes the world so interesting and genealogy so fascinating.

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This was so common an occurrence that a settler coming into a tavern the morning after a fight and seeing an ear on the floor would touch it with his toe and casually ask, "Whose ear? But by all odds the most serious student of the matter was Jacob Piatt Dunn, Jr., Indiana historian and longtime secretary of the IHS.

High end cabinet cards depicting famous athletes regularly sell for hundreds of dollars and more.

The earliest cabinet card mounts were thin, light in weight and light cream, sepia, white or off white.

Seems the name "Hoosier" came into being sometime around 1830.

I will put together a more detailed list of children etc. Jim Sellars ========== Wed, -0800 From: "Sherry Balow" To: [email protected]: 1 OK Nancee..isn't what you asked for, but my "contribution" for the day.


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