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This might sound like it’s coming from left field, but what I’m sensing here — what lies at the root of this unfortunate episode — was a lack of a better solution. Once in a while, for any number of reasons, those predictions are off, and there are more passengers than seats.

Pilots or cabin staff on repositioning flights are considered a high priority.

Some airlines are better at this than others, of course, and while it’s a culture and mindset issue, it’s also a logistical one, which makes it even harder to address and fix.

The vast size and time-sensitive nature of an airline’s front-line operation, and the heavily compartmentalized pockets in which its employees work, each with their own objectives and expertise, play important roles as well.

While there are several different gem-based races, from ruby to emerald to sapphire, each with its own distinct abilities and culture, most Petrosapiens now coexist peacefully.

The planet is well-known for having been destroyed by Vilgax Petrosapiens are crystalline beings whose bodies are formed entirely out of opaque gemstones and whose rock-hard physiologies make them all virtually invulnerable to physical attack.


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