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Honey I'm pregnant: The woman will always say this after she has slept with the expat for a couple of weeks.

Pregnancy means the expat will be forced to neither formalise their union through marriage or give her money to abort the baby. I had a miscarriage: Failure of baby bump means the chic will have to cook up a new excuse. It works when the girl is 'pregnant ' and the man doesn't want her to abort the baby. Marry me: This the the worst con that can ever be played in an expatriate.

You’ll find that visiting any doctor in Kenya is considerably different from home.

Medical centers are smaller, and much less well-equipped.

I married her in 2008." Mr Bennet further told Chief Magistrate Daniel Ogembo that all the property he had acquired with his wife were registered in her name. Be my business partner: Many expats with money to invest, will easily fall prey to women who has business plans, who only need funding.

The business will be funded by the expatriate but once it is stable, the expatriate will be kicked out and the woman will then independently run the business. Blackmail: Expats in high paying or sensitive jobs are easiest to blackmail A woman will take pictures plus videos of them in compromising positions.will then threaten to have them published in the or social media is she isn't paid a lump sum.

All of these notions apply mostly to men’s perception of Kenyan women.

HIV/AIDS has changed the way young Kenyans interact with each other, so as a non-Kenyan woman you might get some unwanted attention from men.However, there are very respectable men in this country—you won’t find them just walking down the street, though. Don’t be surprised if you get a few marriage proposals.I usually just tell them my father wants 30 cows, and then they leave me alone.Nadine says: While my upbringing has taught me that education and career come first, the local women here believe that finding a husband is quite important.When a woman becomes a wife, her duty is often to tend to the children and her home.Nadine says: Gender equality is an emerging fight here in Kenya.


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