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Whether you’re at a museum, vintage record store, or a golf tournament, be open to initiating a conversation if the opportunity arises.

And even if you don’t bump into anyone who sparks your interest, you’ll at least be out and about and having fun in the process.

And if there’s not a group in your area that’s geared to your interests, you can start one yourself by following the suggestions provided at Even for regular trips you make for grocery shopping, going to the library, or going to your local coffee shop, try occasionally finding a spot in a different neighborhood or nearby town.

Northeastern University researchers in Boston tracked the movement patterns of 100,000 cellphone users over a six-month period.

D., head of research in psychology at the University of South Wales and author of a column about finding romance online for Psychology Today.

Here are some steps Graff and other experts in relationship studies suggest you should take: • Join a meet-up group.

Being out on your own also increases your odds of interacting with someone with similar interests who’s not in your existing circle of friends.The study also found an association between the circumstances under which couples in all age groups began their relationships and the eventual outcomes of their marriages.The researchers’ analysis showed that relationships which began at bars, work, or on blind dates ended up being associated with relatively low levels of marital satisfaction, while those that started at social gatherings, places of worship, schools, or growing up together were associated with high marital satisfaction.Their study revealed that like rats in a maze, people adhere to repetitive patterns, regularly returning to the same spots.In fact, they found that 40 percent of the time individuals were found at their top two preferred locations and spent their remaining time in as few as five and at most 50 other places.Whether you’re seeking a long-term relationship or simply a companion for a hike in the park or dinner and a movie, you can increase your odds of success by learning which locations and face-to-face communication techniques are most conducive to finding your match.


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