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asked in 2010 whether Nancy Pelosi was the most powerful woman in U. Unlike Hillary Clinton, both Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dianne Feinstein owe their national prominence to their own skills, tenacity, and achievement in the political world.

I have repeatedly said that Feinstein, with her even temper, natural gravitas, and long experience with military affairs, should have been the first woman president.

It’s a neurotic world-view that was formulated in too many cases by women (including Gloria Steinem and Kate Millett) with troubled childhoods in unstable homes.

First-wave feminism, in contrast, focused on systemic social problems that kept women in secondary or dependent status.

Gloria Steinem’s slick casuistry during that shocking episode did severe damage to feminism, from which it has never fully recovered.

In 2016, you said Donald Trump had a "swaggering retro machismo" that would give "hives" to people like Gloria Steinem.

Having said that, I will don my political analyst hat and say that Donald Trump’s retro style of confident masculinity (which dates from the Frank Sinatra/Hugh Hefner period) was surely a major factor in his victory and represents what was probably an inevitable and necessary course correction in American gender relations.

The delirious excesses of unscientific campus gender theory, translated into intrusive government regulations by elite school graduates saturating the Obama administration, finally hit a wall with the electorate.

And for all her lip service to women and children, what program serving their needs did Hillary ever conceive and promote?They have surrendered their own personal agency to a poisonous creed that claims to empower women but has ended by infantilizing them.Similarly, boys will have no motivation to mature if their potential romantic partners remain emotionally insecure, fragile, and fearful, forever looking to parental proxies (like campus grievance committees or government regulators) to make the world safe for them.The main point here is that we should have had our first woman president way back in the 1990s, but neither Pelosi nor Feinstein, the leading female candidates, chose to run, as even Elizabeth Dole bravely did.There is absolutely no mythical "misogyny" holding back American women from the presidency: for heaven’s sake, the U. has had women mayors, senators, and governors for decades now.How do you foresee a President Trump impacting gender relations and perceptions of men in America?


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