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Safety and personal protection is of the utmost importance.

requires that users agree to abide by these rules in order to participate in the chatline service.

The football field-foot-long dirigible, known by the obligatory acronym JLENS, went on a wild ride for 150 miles after coming loose from its mooring in Maryland, but not before it took down a number of power lines along the way.

Photos captured the aerostat drifting over Amish country.

This does run the risk of you going into a private room with someone else than the person you wish to go in the room with, so it’s best to swap the code if you want to be sure you’ll both be getting into the same room. If you’re live and you want to go to the CB Live Personals, press 3 and you’ll go there.

But at least we can agree on this: No matter what Boston Properties does, the skyscraper will still be known as the John Hancock Tower. ” Keolis, the French company running the MBTA’s commuter rail system (or not running, as was often the case), handed out buttons to staff with a target date to get things back to normal and a message: “March 30” and “We can do this! But shouldn’t it be a given that by the time spring starts, trains should be running without much of a hitch? Finally, in January, it became Primo Medical Group. Forget, for a moment, all the movies shot in and around Boston lately.

The live-streaming platform Periscope was barely a month old when a marketing firm, Racepoint Global, harnessed its power. He defeated Shannon O’Brien, but was bested by Barack Obama. In May, the private equity man-turned-politician landed in a cage-match, dubbed “The Quake in Salt Lake,” by donning boxer shorts and gloves and entering the ring with Holyfield, the heavyweight champion, to raise money for charity. (The letters, by the way, originally stood for Stoughton Tool & Die, before it entered the medical device business.) The press release announcing the change doesn’t really explain why the “STD Med” moniker was no longer working for the company. In 2015, when we spent roughly a third of the year encased in a giant snowbank, it took a computer game to reflect what it was like to live here.

Before you know it, you’ve lost track of the time and you’ve racked up a ton of credit card charges that you didn’t expect and don’t really want to pay!

The good news is that you no longer have to go through a whole complicated process to talk to other people and have a good time.


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