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Except for now when I just did have a fight with Max, but only because he's a cheater like you!

(receives surprised looks from his family) I mean much better than they treat their sisters. I have to go and take a test that I lied for in order to get because I had a fight with Max and I've never had a fight with Max!

Derek doesn't exactly understand how he ended up as a contestant on a dating show.

He knows that it started with a lot of whiskey and a late night phone call to his sister and mockery.

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Hormones are kinda like eh-, well they're kinda like emotional pimples. Nora (Changes from sympathetic to sly): Really, cause eh getting mad at me's just another symptom of puberty and your hormones are (Waves her hands in the air to represent "crazy"). Lizzie: Mom my hormones are not the reason why I wouldn't do the dishes! Max: Casey, when you said you needed a break, it hurt and I kinda moved on. Sounds like Kendra thinks Saturday is a real date not a pretend date. Nora: But it looks like we worried for nothing Derek: No No you were worried for something cause' we can't stand each other OK we are like cats and dogs, day and night, toothpaste and orange juice a a a i'm running out of opposites help me out (Everyone looks at Casey) Casey: Derek I need to talk to you? 'Cuz I want my sons to treat the girls they date with the same respect they show their sisters!


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