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Then distort them at your leisure.” The House recently approved a defense authorization bill that would create a new military branch called the Space Corps.Apparently, it would still answer to the Air Force and they say that its main goal would be to oversee military satellites. I don’t know what’s different about it relative to what the military was already doing in space.Legs would have to be stockier, you’d have to be shorter, and life would have to look a little different.So the laws of physics then constrain what kind of life would ever evolve under one condition versus another.

A lot of people expressed excitement about China “teleporting” photons 300 miles into space, but I’ve seen a lot of media outlets describing this as “teleporting” when it’s really not.The reason why is that, in addition to his duties as director of New York City’s Hayden Planetarium, hosting his popular podcast , which describes itself as “an awe-inspiring gaming experience of galactic exploration and colonization” in which users can “explore space, colonize planets, and create and mod in real time,” has quite the team behind it.In addition to Tyson, who is serving as the game’s scientific expert, there are the concept artists behind games like , who are aiding in the creation of several of the game’s galaxies.“The out-of-the-box version of this, as we currently see it, is a visit to an exoplanet where we have basic knowledge of the exoplanet—but not total knowledge—and you’re going to bring your creativity to it,” Tyson tells me. So sell me on your new video game you’re sciencing, .There are people who are part of this team who have thought more deeply about it than I have. Is it your wish to have be taught in schools someday? Education is local not national—as you may know in the United States—which means you can’t just bust into a school and say, “Teach this!The in-game currency could manifest in a way where there’s some cargo ship that visits the exoplanets, and you need materials and you’re too lazy to dig for it in the soils or in the crust of the planet you’re on, so you wait for the ship to come along and just buy materials. This is fun,” because the school board established a curriculum, and a syllabus, and what books they have to buy.Create any world you want, just make it self-consistent, and base it on something accessible.


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