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John Gilbert plays a Cossack youth who is scorned by his family, fellows, and sweet-heart for rejecting the manly arts of fighting, until, stung by his father's reproaches, he turns warrior and wins the girl.

More than 23 years they work not only on the quality of the products, but also to modify it according to the wishes you buyers.I'd consider it highly recommended if you are especially interested in Gilbert, Cossacks, silents, or stunt riding; somewhat recommended for the average viewer.The Warner Archive Collection DVD has a good orchestral score composed especially for that release; the audio is very good, and the video a very good transfer of a print that seems generally good, though splotchy in places.Design Features: Pouch RPK 7.62 Ulitka (molle) has a great set of advantages in comparison with pre-existing analogues: Ergonomic configuration that ensures a tight, fixed firmly placing the store in pouches, light weight pouch, the smallest possible dimensions.The versatility of the fastening system that allows you to mount it in various positions on any waist belt, without exception handling equipment variants equipped with PAL-cells.Pouch for circular 75-round magazine "snail" Kalashnikov machine gun to manual (7.62) equipped with a PAL-cells for attachment to the ammunition systems MOLLE, similar molle modular elements unloading equipment, waist belt.


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