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And across American coffee shops and drugstores and grocery stores, we're still using these new readers alongside traditional mag-stripe readers, which are quite a long way from obsolescence.

The good news is that smartphone services like Apple Pay can reduce all the new friction introduced by chip cards—if people begin to realize they exist.

The new chip card readers are here, provided by Square and so many others.

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Then you're all stuck in line for another ten minutes. My local drugstore is a CVS, and the card readers are made by a company called Verifone. The problem also lies with the new chip technology itself.Vanderhoof says that about 50 percent of the cards in circulation include an EMV chip.And about 37 percent of US merchants can now accept these cards, according to a research operation called The Strawhecker Group.high comedy, try buying something at my local drugstore.As you wait in line with your razor blades and Softsoap, some other poor soul will swipe their credit card through the reader on the counter—and nothing will happen, because it's one of those new chip cards designed for better security.Jesse Dorogusker, who oversees hardware at Square, agrees.


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