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This would allow verification of the users as college or university students.

Dorm chat mode was brought into Omegle to help its users to chat with their classmates, colleagues and students from other colleges to gain and share academic knowledge and form a community of students.

Some refer to Omegle to be the likes of AOL from the early 1990s.

Other websites that provide a similar service include Tinychat and Whisper.

Troll makers often start with an offensive note and the Bots have this setting of sending out the automated messages with every few seconds passed by.

If you notice any such characteristics, just put that conversation to an end.

In 2011, a new feature known as the In this mode, the users were given two options to choose from.

The first one was they can either be the spy and ask a question of two strangers and view their discussion on the said question as a third party without any further involvement in the chat.

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It lets users talk to other strangers and gives people the ability to socialize with complete anonymity in a one on one chat session with the names ‘You’ and ‘Stranger’ or ‘Stranger 1’ and ‘Stranger 2’.

With its increasing popularity there came an increase in the number of fake accounts and bots that polluted the website with spam messages and advertisements.

To battle this growing problem, Omegle launched the Re Captcha security measures in the year 2015.

It is not surprising that strangers may feel comfortable on Omegle after few sharing of words and may ask you on your personal details.

Do not just lure by the simplicity of virtual words and share the confidential identity. What began as an initiative to bring people all around the world closer to socialize and make friends ended up being a website abused by people for spams, advertisements and explicit pleasure viewing.


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