Online dating and first email rusisk dating

Notice the key words here: “fun” and “great conversation”.

You’re a fun person; people enjoy their time in your presence.

It’s basically a gently teasing challenge, and sets the tone that you aren’t grovelling for her attention.

What Is It About Her That You Like: Your immediate follow-up; what part of her profile is it that made you click on “message her”.

Much like dating in the real world, online dating presents an almost infinite number of ways to shoot yourself in the foot and kill your chances before you even get started.” A little self-aware humor goes a long way; you don’t take this too seriously. You wanted to say “hey” and let her know that you’d love to get to know her.And if she’s interested in fun times and great conversation, then she should definitely write back.Instead, you want to start with”You look like you might be interesting.” “You seem like you could be cool.” “Something about your profile intrigues me.” See the common thread here?First of all: that attracts you, but you’re still holding back some in the hopes that she’ll prove herself to be as interesting as you might think.The subject line of the emails then proves to be an initial filter.


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