Online dating for science geeks

It’s a more natural and conversational way to approach what’s inevitably going to be sort of awkward. One is that personalities don’t always translate accurately, and algorithms aren’t faultless.Another, much more serious one, is that the Internet is an inherently unsafe place.I'll be the first to admit that Ok Trends, the blog of Ok Cupid, is alarmingly seductive. As much as you both may have written brilliant online profiles, there's no replacement for that first face-to-face.What kind of online dating profile would capture your interest?

but I am saying that you may want to state your position in the eternal Kirk v. Ignore all the advice that is designed to net you a high response rate. Nor is it appropriate to be "still married, but we're divorcing I promise, and we still live in the same house, but I'm not going to tell you that until after our second date."Got all that? Now consider a few geeky dating tips, and don't delay your in-person meeting.The site is also rewards-based, and your participation will earn you Date Night Coins that you can apply to your nights out.After earning enough coins, you basically just prove you spent money on a date and The Icebreak will send you up to (20-percent off your receipt from said date).A recent study claims that algorithm-based dating sites aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner this could put the more Web-savvy among us on edge.There’s plenty to be skeptical about when it comes to online dating, and now you’ve been given even more ammunition.You and a friend come as a package deal, and from there you set up dates with e Strangers and hope to find a love connection.


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