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Having fought Mantis hand-to-hand, Lio Convoy tried to explain his instincts to Bighorn's satisfaction, but could not.Out on patrol, Bighorn, Diver and Tasmania Kid were lured into a fight with more Insectrons by Starscream and BB.Bighorn developed some unusual character traits as a result of his beast mode on Gaia. When Lio Convoy gave the Maximals a mission to find the Galvaburg II, Bighorn raced off, eager to confront the enemy.The very sight of a red flower filled him with rage and manic energy he could not expel even after slamming his head into a rock wall. As he crossed paths with Starscream and BB, however, they had their own mission to find Lio Convoy for Megastorm, and had no interest in fighting him. from being chased by Megastorm and unleashed his rage on the Duke of Destruction.

The Maximals soon learned that the lion was none other than Convoy, returned to them as Lio Convoy.

They remained surrounded by electrified bars until Diver infiltrated the lake base and shut down the defense systems, allowing the Maximals to regroup and rescue their comrades.

The Maximals were hard pressed to stop Megastorm's latest ploy to capture the planet's energy, dispatching an overwhelming quantity of autonomous robot drones to build fortresses for the Predacons.

As the Predacons began destroying the Gaian forests to make room for their Angolmois energy mining operation, the Maximals emerged to help put out the forest fires.

Bighorn used his hard head and brute strength to make firebreaks to protect what remained of the forest, until Scuba emerged from underground, channeling water spouts to put out the flames.


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