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Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti works as the demolitions and tactical technician for Team One.

He comes off as the 'baby' of the team, even though he's got years of experience of being on the SRU over Sam Braddock and Rafik Rousseau. 35 GB per day 27 GB per day. Ayia Napa Antics 52 **WARNING** - these girls are slippery when wet and they are very, very wet! 25GB per day View full list here : Click here @3.49$/week Sexy Shoot 11 Part 4 Now things start to heat up! She has her hands all over the cameraman, and in the end she just couldn't keep her mouth off his cock...letting him cum insider her mouth - did she swallow? From sexy games with the guys to full on girl on girl Wet T-Shirt Competitions, there's plenty of tits and ass in this one! Ibiza Babes 16 Part 2 Tilly really heats it up for us in Part 2 as we follow her outside for some to watch her rub oil over that luscious booty!

His badge number is 3496 as stated in episode 415 "Blue on Blue".

In the same episode, (Blue on Blue) it is said he started working with the SRU in 2005.

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He is a constantly happy and optimistic young man who is always willing to help others and is deeply touched by his job.In 'Shockwave' (4x07) while attempting to disarm a bomb that would destroy an enormous part of downtown Toronto, he gets a call from his mother.She is at the hospital with his father - he took a turn for the worse and isn't expected to live the night.In the finale of Season 3 'Fault Lines', it is revealed that Scarlatti's father is sick and dying with no hope at survival.His Father is also furious and ashamed that his son is in the SRU and won't speak or make any attempt at a relationship with him until he quits.You came to congratulate just married and as always, found your grandfather napping behind the book..


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