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MOORE: A hair stylist should be able to at least tell the customer she is losing hair and there is redness or puss coming from the What’s the main message you hope to get across to women about this condition?The law, which went into effect in July 2015, extends the window of time for child sex-abuse victims to file a lawsuit and seek damages.The new law provides a two-year discovery rule, which allows a survivor of child sexual trauma to file suit from the date they discover a sexual assault, which can be important in cases of repressed memory.

I put all of my patients on a 3-day course of anti-fungal medication called fluconazole.

MOORE: This is a preventable and treatable condition when properly addressed early on.

I plan to educated non-Black dermatologists about how to treat this condition effectively.

MOORE: Putting their weaves in too tight to make the time longer before they have to come in for a touch up. Scalps need air to allow the scalp temperature to normalize. Is a dermatologist the only one who can spot this condition?


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