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Monroe County coroner's office in Pennsylvania is embroiled in a series of sex scandal allegation after employees filed lawsuits against Chief Coroner Bob Allen (pictured) and his wife involving salacious claims Mrs Allen, wife of County Coroner Bob Allen - who has stood as a Republic candidate for 25 years - is alleged to have claimed Mrs Fizz enjoyed a sexual encounter with a police officer at a death scene in April 2016.County Coroner Mr Allen said the claims were made to undermine his forthcoming election campaign, while Mrs Fizz alleges his wife bragged about having an affair with a colleague 'in the woods.'Mrs Fizz also says Mrs Allen showed off pictures of her lover's genitals to fellow staff.Chief County Detective Eric Kerchner said that so far he has found no evidence that the death-scene sex had occurred.'Right now, it's just an investigation into some allegations, that's all,' Detective Kerchner said.“I had done a couple of bikini contests,” she told , “and my best friend sent the pictures to Howard’s show.” At first Shannon had reservations about being on the Howard Stern Show. I had to take a chance.” It worked out in her favor, when Kevin invited Shannon to do a test shoot in Chicago. “I love to cuddle up with a good book, and I have a huge collection of poetry I’ve written.Jonathan Lai covers issues related to rights and explores our changing understanding of them.Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.

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Also included in the lawsuit, which is seeking damages from Mr Allen, Mrs Allen and the county, are allegations that the Chief Coroner's wife started rumours she stole prescription drugs as well as other items from dead bodies while working.Adding the goal is: 'To get an overall view of what's been happening in the past.' A month after she submitted a formal letter of complaint to the Chief Coroner about his wife's lurid behaviour, Mrs Fizz was fired from her role citing the false accusations of sex near a dead body, sparking the lawsuit filed against Mr Allen, Mrs Allen and the county A second lawsuit, filed by chief deputy coroner Michael Sak, said he turned down sexual overtures that Traci Allen made towards him in early 2016 and again this July.He claims she became angry, which drew her husband's attention, leading Mr Sak to tell him about Traci Allen's alleged misconduct.This is about as open and obvious as it gets.'You can't have a line of johns out the front door and around the room waiting without them knowing the linen service was extraordinary.The front desk would direct the traffic to the room of this child.' The teenager, who is in therapy, is suing for ,000 in compensation.It also claims that the room 'frequently smelled of marijuana' and that men and minors were allegedly seen leaving it.


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