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In Christian Culture Land, those are landmark Male Problems, while women only struggle with fending men off like ants at a picnic, presumably because they’re wearing shorts that cut off a above their knees or are accidentally showing a bra strap. This rhetoric is nothing new under the sun, to quote Ecclesiastes.If it hasn’t worked to solve the larger issues of rape culture and sexual assault in the church by now, it won’t, ever.The struggle that has continued sometimes quietly but…How Francis Is Disarming Climate Change Zealots And Foes of the Church By June 24, 2015 Pope Franciss encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si​ (Praise Be to You), continues this popes tactical tour de force of disarming the Roman Catholic Churchs traditional leftist enemies and takes it a step farther, by laying the…Visit By Pope To Cuba Will Test the Pontiff As Well as the Castros By May 20, 2015 The upcoming trip of Pope Francis to Cuba will raise significant issues concerning the future of Cuba in the last days of the Castro regime, but, more importantly, concerning the pope's relative treatment of questions of human rights and wealth… How America Lost Vietnam After Winning the War Against a Communist Foe By April 29, 2015 The Vietnam war has been widely regarded these past 40 years as a total American defeat and a huge mistake.

Point #4, for example, is one of the oldest excuses in the world of evangelical relationships.? You almost never read stories about women who admit to struggling with lust, who want sex, or who masturbate to curb their urges.

If Netanyahu Is Re-Elected Deal With Palestinians Would Be Logical Move By March 13, 2015 There has always been a question whether Benjamin Netanyahus conservative definition of Israels security interest was an opportunistic political tactic or a matter of well-thought-out conviction that it was the necessary strategy to achieve for the…

Bring Back Bricker By March 11, 2015 Bring Back Bricker.

Would the articles continue to perpetuate damaging, untrue stereotypes about interactions between men and women?

Would modesty still be touted as the best (if not only) way for women to attract godly relationships?


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    She’s feeling very alone, and the weight of responsibility of being Top Dog is just too much for her. So it’s created a wonderful conflict, and it just contributes to the internal war she has with herself anyway.

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    I like that Facebook is required to sign up for HER because it helps keep out pathetic men who get off by pretending to be lesbians on the internet.