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Dont have sex with Rage, get her ring, go outside "the Hole" then talk with the women in red [Melidina]. Then go to Hole, speak, check the two ppl there and the entrance sometimes.

@chiefton-there is at least four girls that you can fuck... Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. In this case right clicks helps a bit, but not so much... ah, and I also had the bug with the invisible curser after the fuck-scene. Few bugs to iron out with the pointer thing disappearing after action scenes.

3rd ending: Get the ring from Rage & don`t take advantage of her ( avoid sex with her ) Talk to Melinda and she will notice the ring, she will then take you into the club.

A VERY good game, it has an atmosphere, an interesting story and nice graphics.

If you play the game first time it is no visible, but when want to get achiv or sth else and you need to wait until the "speech" is performed by the characters - that is irritating! Second bug is more subjective - why have I this bad luck that I can`t have sex with interesting (and beautiful) minor characters like Fixer (know that is an achvi, but no sex) or Blanca (I love Laura game). I have always wondered why nobody makes great erotic stories. Alright, I managed to get all the achievements; Cy Loves You Dude - Just be nice to her at start Talking with a Tin Can - When Jas first enters, try talking to her droid.

Normally I don`t like sex stories that are such gloomy and dark, but generally is a very good game, a game that aspires to be something better than typical sex game. It always either great story without any erotic feel to it, or silly sex games. One of Your Whores - Sleep with Jas Beauty and the Beast - Seems to be just talking with Brute/Mistress.


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