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” Cajete concluded with what he described as a “saying of my people: ‘we are all but kernels of the same corn cob.’” Dr.

Nadine Burke Harris, an engaged and dynamic physician who opened a clinic in one of San Francisco’s most underserved areas, followed Cajete.

Just as for every other presentation, the audience was entirely absorbed by Wechsler’s talk.

While some frenetically took notes about the captivating mysteries of the universe, others sat there mesmerized by the topic. Aida Awad, a geologist and science teacher, described her initiative to develop student-led programs in high schools to empower students with their own experimental methods.

She spoke of hopes to change lives, one student at a time, and insisted on science’s engagement in society—in particular when it comes down to education and politics. Raychelle Burks inspired wild ideas for police procedurals all across the room as the chemist formerly involved in crime scene investigations recounted some of her craziest tales on crime scenes.

She talked about improving tests for opioids and finding bodies in burnt houses.

Whether this love at first sight will last well into an entertainment project is a story for another time.

Crazy concepts that seemed impossible 15 years ago, she insisted, are now being deployed all over the world. Cunningham himself dreams of a world of precision medicine, where individual genomes are used to design personalized drugs.Some were screenwriters, others were producers, and they spanned about everything in the entertainment industry, from documentaries and animation movies to television series and video games.After a while, Rick Loverd, The Exchange’s program director asked the attendees to gather as he described how the evening would unfold............................................................................. Written by: Damien Bérubé Last week, The Exchange held its popular Science Speed Dating event at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and it was no ordinary speed dating! This authentic experience began the minute attendees stepped through the glass doors leading to the vast and elegant lobby of CAA.The panel deplored the shortcomings of the entertainment industry in portraying scientists.


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