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They then increase prize money in order to increase the importance of their sports programs.Because TV now thinks your sport is a big deal, it becomes a bigger deal, which brings more people, which increases interest, which increases viewership and so on. widely understood by riders, administrators and other stakeholders, at this point an interesting question to ask is, "OK, what have you done to increase our visibility on TV?Wilson has a degree in sport and business management, and lives with her husband Alistair in North Yorkshire.My daughter came home from foxhunting recently and said, "Daddy, there's something about horses that makes smart people dumb." Horsepeople do dumb things from time to time, especially when it comes to riding unsuitable horses.What We Have Done This information is widely available. " The answer is, "Not much." This is what I was scratching my head over earlier?that we know what we need and we know how to get there ? I wrote a column discussing this issue seven years ago (read it at

Her Olympic horse Miners Frolic has recovered from a life-threatening illness suffered barely 12 months ago to win another Olympic medal.

The Queen's granddaughter is married to former England rugby star Mike Tindall, and they celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday.

Wilson is a world and European team gold medallist, but only gained her place for London after an injury suffered by Piggy French's horse DHI Topper W meant she had to pull out.

When asked why wrestling might not be included in 2020, the IOC gave several reasons. While I agree with all the negatives, I still believe that we need to take every possible step to keep equestrian in the Olympics, the largest stage in the world.

No other event can match the exposure that riding in the Olympics gives, and no effort that we make to stay in the Games is wasted.


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