Telus updating roaming list

The TELUS Pure Fibre network offers symmetrical service, which means customers can upload just as fast as they download.

As demand and Internet technologies evolve in the coming years TELUS will offer faster speeds and more capacity, sufficient for decades to come.

The message is simple: taking just a moment to think before posting or reacting to content online can make a big – and positive – difference.

“Cyberbullying is a serious issue that affects 42 per cent of Canadian youth on a monthly basis ,” says Nimmi Kanji, Director, TELUS WISE.

TELUS is also Canada's largest healthcare IT provider, and TELUS International delivers business process solutions around the globe.

In support of our philosophy to give where we live, TELUS, our team members and retirees have contributed over 2 million to charitable and not-for-profit organizations and volunteered more than 7.7 million hours of service to local communities since 2000.

Created in 2005 by President and CEO Darren Entwistle, TELUS’ 12 Canadian community boards and 5 International boards have led the Company’s support of grassroots charities and have contributed more than million in support of 5,595 local charitable projects, enriching the lives of more than 2 million children and youth, annually.

The rallies, to be hosted with recording artist Scott Helman and comedian Jackie Pirico, were developed in partnership with Media Smarts and aim to help youth avoid situations that could lead to or exacerbate cyberbullying.

TELUS WISE has found that youth are motivated to intervene when they witness cyberbullying, but would be more likely to do so if adults provided better guidance on managing interventions.

Parents can learn more about supporting their children in dealing with cyberbullying by visiting

“This investment will dramatically improve Internet speed and capacity for residents and businesses in all corners of Okotoks, Black Diamond and Turner Valley.

Whether you’re operating a large business or starting a small one out of your home, or streaming Netflix while a family member is playing a video game in the next room, a direct Pure Fibre connection enables seamless uploading and downloading at speeds never before available.” The gigabit-enabled TELUS Pure Fibre network is among the most advanced and reliable communications infrastructure available in the world today, enabling connected residents to immediately take advantage of dramatically faster Internet speeds of up to 150 megabits per second, while interested businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and institutions can access even more speed and capacity.


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