Updating database from excel

Ideally when it is opened, the connection properties to SQL could be changed. I have a access dbase with patient #, name, and a deceased date. Please help I just manually typed in over 200 deceased dates.Const ad Open Static = 3 Const ad Lock Optimistic = 3 Const ad Cmd Text = &H0001 'Connect to the Excel file. Find "id = '" & Field("Sheet1$.id") & "'" var Serial = rs.add a new line of data for the player (keeping the previous data) you can do it either way, 1 or 2. I save my latest data to over write this import workbook. The import macro can have queries to either add to exising, or overwrite data in the tables.

HTH BTW: It is proper Lounge etiquette to start a new thread with a new question and not add on to an existing one.

The Access file presently only gets 1 field update from 1 XL file.

This coul change of course if I ever get up to speed .

How can I add the date of death from the excel spreadsheet to my access deceased date section?

I'm using Access 2003 This is a general outline of what needs to be done. Update: Ok I've tested, using Excel 2007 but will be basically the same for all versions, and added graphics to show the entire process. I have an Access (2010) tbl Bookings with a Date Completed field.


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