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Open up the Houdini program, then click on "Folders Reveal." Click on your i Pod, then “i Pod_Controls.” Highlight the “Music” folder and click “Choose.” Once you’re in the Music folder on your i Pod, you can drag and drop any files you see on your i Pod to the folder on your i Tunes music folder on your computer.Any files you see will show as a combination of letters, so it can be difficult to tell what songs they are at a glance.It’s best to just move them all to your computer and let i Tunes try to pull the metadata information for them.To do that, click "Edit Advanced" in i Tunes and check the boxes for “Keep i Tunes Media folder organized” and “Copy files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library.” These options help i Tunes recognize your song files and add the correct album, artist and song title information.Click “Apply,” then “Sync” if syncing doesn’t begin automatically.You’ll see your syncing progress near the top of the i Tunes window.

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While some companies provide free downloads of the software, others do require payment, either up-front payment or as a paid option to unlock other software features once you’ve downloaded the free program.

If you have an i Pod Touch, open the i Tunes Store app on your device and tap on "More Not on this i Pod." Tap on the cloud icon next to your songs or albums to download them on your i Pod.

If you’re not using an i Pod Touch, access your past purchases through i Tunes on a PC or Mac.

Select “Relaunch” and you’ll be able to see the hidden folders and files on your Mac.

Click on the i Pod drive, then choose the “i Pod_Controls” folder and then “Music.” Alternatively, download and install a program that shows hidden files on your Mac, such as Houdini.


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