Updating old addresses

Using this method will still prevent *most* spam, and it's very user-friendly for your site visitors, but it no longer prevents *all* spam. The random tag and the hyphens will help fool spambots. From your perspective, you just have a different login to access your mail, and when you get it there's no spam.Years ago I listed Spam Arrest here but then removed that info because back then Spam Arrest had a habit of sending separate messages to people who got one of teh autoresponses, asking them to sign up for Spam Arrest. But Spam Arrest was lambasted on the net for that practice and they learned their lesson and no longer do that, and even wrote it into their new privacy policy.If the amount of spam you're getting is burdensome you may have little choice other than to start over with a new email address. It's easier if your email provider provides Autoresponder service, so that anyone who sends mail to your old address automatically receives a message back telling them your new address.Don't worry, it's unlikely that spammers will pick up your new address from the autoresponder.Use the form below to update your e-mail address for newsletters, event announcements from the UW Alumni Association and other campus partners.If you want to change other contact information, such as your mailing address or phone number, please use our address change page.If you think you can just check your spam folder occassionally, can you really do that when you get hundreds or thousands of spam messages a day? And the first step is removing any plain address from the web ASAP.And if you think it's okay because you're not currently getting that much spam...your email address is on a web page, then someday you will. There are a number of ways to hide your email address from spammers. Then again, spam is worse than the downside, so we accept the downside because it's better than surrendering our addresses to spammers.

If the throwaway address starts getting spam, you literally throw it away -- put an autoresponder on it directing readers to your new address, and start over with another address. That lets you create a new email address on the fly by using a sign. You can use lisa [anything]@and it will work automatically, without your setting up anything special. When you apply for a Home Depot credit card, you use lisa [email protected]

In a perfect world, you could have all of the following on your web pages: When you do something to keep spambots from stealing addresses from your web pages you'll give up at least one of those features.

It's the price of thwarting spambots, but it's a necessary price.

Spam is like cancer -- it's a lot easier to prevent than it is to cure.

Like so many things in life, if you wait until something becomes a problem, then often there's no easy solution.


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