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it just learns as you move stuff into spam: (See in MIAB:) # To mark mail as spam or ham, just drag it in or out of the Spam folder.

@murgero @Josh Data It seems so in Mia B itself that there is no rule update implemented.

The feature would fit fine in a daily cronjob to update your SA checks.

There are three exit codes possible: 0 - updates were available and installed 1 - there were no fresh updates available 4 or higher - an error occured while downloading and extracting updates Now restart Spam Assassin, this is only needed when the update exits with code 0.

But am I right that SA in general does have such updates?

Simply put, sa-update allows rules to be distributed as they are developed, while full Spam Assassin releases can focus on bug fixes and new features.Does anybody use sa-update to update Spamassassin rules on Direct Admin? These modules need to be installed before it will work. -------------------- Spam Assassin has a command line feature called sa-update. By default, the Direct Admin install does not include LWP:: User Agent and Archive:: Tar.The other server (Debian) sais something about error: gpg required but not found! Seemed to work OK (did update the SA 3.1.4 & 3.1.8 default rules) and hasn't caused any problems that I am aware of. PS: This was on Cent OS 4.4 -bash-3.00# sa-update -D [1716] dbg: logger: adding facilities: all [1716] dbg: logger: logging level is DBG [1716] dbg: generic: Spam Assassin version 3.2.0 [1716] dbg: config: score set 0 chosen.[1716] dbg: dns: no ipv6 [1716] dbg: dns: is Net:: DNS:: Resolver available?There are various ways to contribute to the Mutt project.


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