Updating tzdata

They are almost invariably easy to use, and the wide availability of open source code ensures that the likelihood of being able to solve the problem using nothing more than standard software management tools is very high.

Even if you do not have direct access to the archives for some reason related to bandwidth or security concerns, you can download the necessary package upgrades from your operating system vendor's or project community's main Website.

I am using a local timezone (non-UTC) on my server.

Whenever I update the tzdata via yum, the system resets /etc/localtime to the default file and I am back on UTC.

This will point your /etc/localtime file at the correct data for your time zone.

The output of the zdump command, as presented earlier in this article, will show whether it matches expectations for the new Daylight Saving Time schedule.

You should do your work in a temporary directory when performing these actions so you will not accidentally overwrite important files.

The following set of commands works on most systems, assuming that the appropriate tzdata file for download is tzdata2007gz: At this point, you should check to ensure the correct data is in place. One is for a time zone file, and the other is for a city file, where you should choose the city in the indicated directory that is nearest your location.

A result of Sun Apr 1, on the other hand, means you need to update your software to match the new schedule.I'm trying to update my timezone database, on Cent OS, the database located at /usr/share/zoneinfo.I downloaded the time zone data from IANA here: I tried editing the 'make' file and executing that, but got several errors so I'm not sure that was the right thing to do.Thankfully, the common use of comprehensive software archives in free UNIX-like operating systems such as most Linux distributions and Free BSD ensures that for most users of these operating systems, the change will go unnoticed.As long as you keep the software on your computer updated regularly, the new time zone configurations should already be in place. In some cases, users may not find it convenient or even practical to use their operating systems' software management tools to update software from the central archives.The output of both these commands should display the newly updated Daylight Saving Time dates.


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