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For 6 weeks to date, I am having trouble with my BB (9360 device Pay as you go on O2): I cannot access my linked email account, because its ‘password is not verified’. The handset is still under warranty; it has been sent to be repaired; collected today – still the same issue: cannot send & receive e-mails from it; I have no problems logging from my laptop into the same email account.When entered the correct password it is not recognised, e.g. In enterprise software and services, which is expected to generate US2 million of revenue in fiscal 2018 and accounts for 46 per cent of Black Berry’s total revenue, the analyst highlighted several potential acquisition candidates.Enterprise mobility management vendor Mobileiron Inc., which secures data on mobile devices, applications and in cloud storage, is the only publicly-listed company on the list.I did as I was told (beginning to think that this was rather foolish) and my Blackberry says that the password is not valid. Thanks, Jo Without actually reading the email, it sounds to me like a scam. Have you changed any passwords or edited any of your accounts lately?You should log into that email account and change the password ASAP, just in case. If you used the email setup app on the Black Berry smartphone or your carrier's BIS webpage, then you are ok. Yahoo website said Yahoo believes my Yahoo account may have been compromised and had me reset password.Yet investors seem to prefer an optimistic stance about Black Berry’s shift to software and services, and its healthy cash position doesn’t hurt.

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They include SOTI Inc., Lookout, Digital Guardian, Rubicon Labs and Bayshore Networks, and several others.

Unlike the previous iteration of the tool, the email account is not validated automatically with the exception of an Active Sync account which is validated automatically.

For the other account types the tool will validate a connection to the mail server and the email account will need to be validated manually.

This tool allows both technical support and customers the ability to validate their email address and email server settings.

The tool has recently been upgraded to improve performance and include the validation of Active Sync accounts.


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