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There are two islands in the center of the city called Isla Grande and Chamelo Island.

The city is surrounded by two ranges of mountains, in the north the Sierra de San Vicente, and in the south Montes de Toledo. The northern part is the larger and more populated; both parts are connected by three bridges, one of them built in the Middle Ages.

The nickname of Talavera de la Reina is 'The City of Pottery' (La Ciudad de la Cerámica, in Spanish).

Mexico's famous Talavera pottery was named after the city.

Medina Al Talavayra took part in different wars between the kingdoms of Spain, becoming allied with Córdoba and Badajoz.

Talavera was the capital of an ephemeral kingdom or taifa (principality).

Talavera has a transition climate between the harsher continentalized mediterranean climate of the central table land and the mild-winter mediterranean climate of nearby Extremadura; Summers are hot and extremely dry and winters are moderately mild cool.

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The city is settled along the river Tagus (Tajo in Spanish) at a broad bank.

The city was conquered by Muslim forces in 713 and conquered by Christian forces under Alfonso VI of Castile in 1083.

Talavera de la Reina was founded at the confluence of the rivers Alberche and Tagus.

In honour of the goddess Ceres, Talaverian Romans celebrated the spring festival called Mondas, which is still celebrated for the Virgin Mary. The fertile soil produced quality vegetables, fruits and grass for animal feed.

The markets gained new strength, and the population, a mixture of Christians, Muslims and Jews, lived in harmony for some centuries.


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